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Jenkins Building Supply, Alpine, Wyoming (WY)

We provide installation services in Wyoming Address: 114 HWY 89
Alpine, Wyoming (WY), 83128
Phone: 307-654-4444

Kitchen cabinets and countertops are the highlights of a particular modular kitchen. You must pay proper attention towards their location in the kitchen as well as their articulated design that brings out the prominent look of the kitchen.

The cabinets should provide for eatables as well as other fragile items such as wine bottles, glass vessels and vases, soft wood figurines and other delicate items by attaching a latticed, wooden support structure which has a few marked holes in it to support these fragile pieces. A wide range of wood types can be made available to choose from, such as mahogany, teak, sisoo, bamboo, sal, ebony, rosewood, oak, birch - this explains why crafting a kitchen cabinet out of wood is such a tedious process!

You could also obtain a huge range of countertops specially designed for the customers, by understanding the global taste for kitchen appearances. You could also opt for a custom designed model for your countertops as well as kitchen cabinets. Our skilled and professional staff would be more than happy to educate you on the different kitchen remodelling shapes.

We provide installation services in Wyoming

We are serving (cities in Wyoming): Wilson, Jackson, Bondurant, Hoback, Cora

You can buy kitchens and baths in our store from the following manufacturers: Armstrong

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