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Berry Supply Corperation, Wheeling, West Virginia (WV)

We provide installation services in West Virginia Address: 1230 Water Street
Wheeling, West Virginia (WV), 26003
Phone: 304-232-8370

A kitchen is considered very dear to a homemaker, especially a mother, because she could then control everybody’s healthy diet and daily food intake and hygiene from her stationed headquarters! Thus, it is very necessary to keep your kitchen clean and ventilated and this can be taken further by ensuring proper kitchen cleaning sessions with fumigants and anti-bacterial solutions to increase the sanitation levels.

You could purchase such solutions as well as educate yourself on the different uses of such chemicals as well its fixed manner of usage, at Berry Supply Kitchen & Bath – the gatekeepers of supreme kitchen and bath decor. Customers usually correlate to our stores and drop by at our showroom – in the town of Wheeling, West Virginia – just to purchase our supreme quality countertops and cabinetry, as well as vanities that would glamorize any corner of your house.

Berry Supply Kitchen & Bath associates itself with business houses, such as, Wood-mode, Crown Point, Cabinets Plus Design and others. We would get back to your queries and suggestions on our website!

We provide installation services in West Virginia

We are serving (cities in West Virginia): Barton, Blaine, Lansing, Wolfhurst, Neffs

You can buy kitchens and baths in our store from the following manufacturers: Kitchen Kompact, Kraft Maid

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Lynwood Kitchen, Kitchen Kompact
Bretwood Kitchen, Kitchen Kompact
Mellowood Kitchen, Kitchen Kompact
Miracle Kitchen, Kitchen Kompact
Colonial Kitchen, Kitchen Kompact
Richwood Lite Kitchen, Kitchen Kompact
Chadwood Kitchen, Kitchen Kompact
Lynwood Special Kitchen, Kitchen Kompact
Lynwood Display Kitchen, Kitchen Kompact
Richwood Kitchen, Kitchen Kompact
Charm Kitchen, Kitchen Kompact
Miracle Kitchen, Kitchen Kompact
Richwood Lite Bath, Kitchen Kompact
Spring Kitchen, Kitchen Kompact
Special Kitchen, Kitchen Kompact
Arena Kitchen, Kitchen Kompact
Idyll Kitchen, Kitchen Kompact
Traditional Kitchen, Kraft Maid
Modern Kitchen, Kraft Maid
Ambra Kitchen, Kraft Maid
Lyra Kitchen, Kraft Maid
Galaxy Kitchen, Kraft Maid
Success Kitchen, Kraft Maid
Rendezvous Kitchen, Kraft Maid
Comfort Kitchen, Kraft Maid
Luxury Kitchen, Kraft Maid
Family Kitchen, Kraft Maid
Aroma Kitchen, Kraft Maid
Romance Kitchen, Kraft Maid
Spring Kitchen, Kraft Maid
Idyll Kitchen, Kraft Maid
Elite Kitchen, Kraft Maid
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Kitchen Kompact, Kraft Maid
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