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Urban Homes, Inc., New York, New York (NY)

Address: 325 West 16th Street
New York, New York (NY), 10011
Phone: 212-246-7700

Urban Homes is an award-winning showroom located in West Manhattan, founded by a professional kitchen cabinets and furniture manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in the business. The showroom is dedicated to the concept of one-stop kitchen cabinets shopping, when you can simply enter the store, pick the design you like, make the necessary adjustments depending on your kitchen and order the installation within just a few minutes.

Urban Homes is focused on bringing a variety of designs to the showroom, often featuring the most innovative and modern kitchens, other showrooms wouldn't even risk displaying. But this doesn't mean that good-old classic designs aren't featured in Urban Homes. The main idea is to feature the best designs within any style possible, manufactured only from high quality materials by qualified specialists.

The showroom displays both American and European manufacturers, while the in-house designers and specialists will make sure to adjust any design to your exact specifications, so that the dream kitchen cabinet would fit your dream kitchen perfectly. Once you enter Urban Homes it will be hard to get out without buying a kitchen cabinet even if you weren't intending it initially.

We are serving (cities in New York): Astoria, Midtown, Manhattan, Union city, Hoboken, Jersey City, New York, Elmhurst

You can buy kitchens and baths in our store from the following manufacturers: Aster Cucine, Wood-Mode

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Atelier Laminate Kitchen, Aster Cucine
Atelier  Polymer Kitchen, Aster Cucine
Contempora Black Silver Yellow Pine Kitchen, Aster Cucine
Contempora Glass Kitchen, Aster Cucine
Domina Kitchen, Aster Cucine
Trendy  Laminate Kitchen, Aster Cucine
Trendy Space Kitchen, Aster Cucine
Trendy Wood Kitchen, Aster Cucine
Avenue Lacquer Kitchen, Aster Cucine
Avenue  Wood Kitchen, Aster Cucine
Clea Kitchen, Aster Cucine
Opera cherry Kitchen, Aster Cucine
Opera lacquer Kitchen, Aster Cucine
Palladio Cherry Kitchen, Aster Cucine
Sintonia Patinato Kitchen, Aster Cucine
Sintonia Walnut Kitchen, Aster Cucine
Timeline Lacquer Kitchen, Aster Cucine
Timeline Wood Kitchen, Aster Cucine
European Heritage Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Italian Villa Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Swedish Country Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Swedish Country Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Tuscan Kitchen, Wood-Mode
West Indies Bath, Wood-Mode
Old Continent Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Old Continent Bath, Wood-Mode
European Country Kitchen, Wood-Mode
English Country Kitchen, Wood-Mode
French Chateau Kitchen, Wood-Mode
British Classics Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Cabernet Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Cabernet Bath, Wood-Mode
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Aster Cucine, Wood-Mode
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