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Cabinet Clad, Omaha, Nebraska (NE)

We provide installation services in Nebraska Address: 11722 W. Dodge Rd.
Omaha, Nebraska (NE), 68154
Phone: 402-682-7207

You may have been postponing your kitchen makeover for years because you just can’t see spending all that money on new cabinets. Cabinet Clad has another solution for you that is much more budget friendly than purchasing new cabinetry: re-facing.

With cabinet re-facing, a tired old kitchen can be transformed into a gorgeous space economically, and with a lot less stress and difficulty. Instead of having your entire kitchen ripped out and the room gutted so you can start fresh, these creative specialists have devised a method to complete a renovation project without losing the use of your kitchen for weeks at a time.

By removing and replacing your cabinet doors and hardware, your kitchen achieves the same beautiful look you’d get from buying and installing brand new cabinetry. And as this is a lot less expensive than new cabinets, your budget may have a little more room for other components of a kitchen remodel, such as countertops, lighting or built-in appliances, new sink and faucet, custom molding and roll-out shelves.

We provide installation services in Nebraska

We are serving (cities in Nebraska): Blue Springs, Prairie Village, St. Anne

You can buy kitchens and baths in our store from the following manufacturers: Aster Cucine, Crown Cabinets

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Aster Cucine, Crown Cabinets
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