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Signature Kitchen & Bath, Manchester, Missouri (MO)

We provide installation services in Missouri Address: 14208 Manchester Rd.
Manchester, Missouri (MO), 63011
Phone: 636-230-6400

For close to 40 years Signature Kitchen & Bath has been St. Louis’ premier location for kitchen and bath remodeling.

When you make the choice to upgrade or remodel your kitchen and bath you are making an investment to your home. With that much at stake you need the expertise of a design team that recognizes value and strives to create that in your home.

Start by meeting with an experienced designer to discuss your vision for your kitchen or bath remodel. A design will be created based upon that vision and the reality of the space at no cost to you. Once the plan and materials are decided upon, our team will get to work on creating the space you envisioned. Your input is important to us, and we welcome your input and ideas as the project progresses.

We guarantee that the end result is going to exceed your expectations for a kitchen or bath renovation. Call us today if you are ready to change the look, feel and value of your home with an professionally executed kitchen or bath remodel.

We provide installation services in Missouri

We are serving (cities in Missouri): Clayton, Brentwood, Affton, Frontenac, Sunset Hills, Mehlville, Chesterfield

You can buy kitchens and baths in our store from the following manufacturers: Dura Supreme, Kitchen Craft, Kraft Maid, Merillat, Schrock, Smart

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Contry Kitchen, Dura Supreme
Traditional Kitchen, Dura Supreme
Modern Kitchen, Dura Supreme
Classic Kitchen, Dura Supreme
Lyra Kitchen, Dura Supreme
Galaxy Kitchen, Dura Supreme
Rendezvous Kitchen, Dura Supreme
Retro Kitchen, Dura Supreme
Comfort Kitchen, Dura Supreme
Luxury Kitchen, Dura Supreme
Family Kitchen, Dura Supreme
Traditional Bath, Dura Supreme
Modern Bath, Dura Supreme
Classic Bath, Dura Supreme
Lyra Bath, Dura Supreme
Temptation Kitchen, Dura Supreme
Galaxy Bath, Dura Supreme
Success Bath, Dura Supreme
Napoli Kitchen, Kitchen Craft
Terni Kitchen, Kitchen Craft
Pamli Kitchen, Kitchen Craft
Sarpi Bath, Kitchen Craft
Calvi Bath, Kitchen Craft
Pamli Bath, Kitchen Craft
Chelsea in Ginge Kitchen, Kitchen Craft
Elite in Antique Paint Kitchen, Kitchen Craft
Berkeley in Ginger and Charcoa Kitchen, Kitchen Craft
Regency in Millstone Kitchen, Kitchen Craft
Regency in Sandstone Kitchen, Kitchen Craft
Wellington in Millstone Kitchen, Kitchen Craft
Integra Kitchen, Kitchen Craft
Elite Kitchen, Kitchen Craft
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Dura Supreme, Kitchen Craft, Kraft Maid, Merillat, Schrock, Smart
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