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Belle Kitchen, Minneapolis, Minnesota (MN)

Address: 275 Market Street Suite 110
Minneapolis, Minnesota (MN), 55405
Phone: 612-343-8889

The kitchen is usually the most popular room in the house, where meals are prepared and homework done, where friends and family gather to share dinner and good times. That’s one reason why it’s so important that your kitchen functions to fit your lifestyle and is designed to please your personal tastes. Belle Kitchens is Minnesota’s most prominent kitchen design and installation firm, and this company is here to ensure that anyone can have that perfect kitchen to accommodate their wishes.

These highly reputable kitchen professionals have the experience and the expertise to create unique kitchen designs completely customized to suit your own individual desires and function requirements. They also provide some of the industry’s finest lines of kitchen cabinetry, designing each layout and style to perfectly fit your needs and to exceed your design expectations. Each set of cabinetry will include the special features you like most, and will be accessorized with the high quality kitchen products that Belle Kitchens always uses in their kitchen renovation projects.

For every kitchen dream there is a family that needs a wonderful kitchen, and Belle Kitchens is the place to go to make those wishful ideals for a beautiful, functional kitchen into your reality.

We are serving (cities in Minnesota): Minneapolis, Como, Lauderdale, Bryn Mawr, Jordan, Powderhorn, Folwell

You can buy kitchens and baths in our store from the following manufacturers: Wood-Mode

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European Heritage Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Italian Villa Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Swedish Country Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Swedish Country Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Tuscan Kitchen, Wood-Mode
West Indies Bath, Wood-Mode
Old Continent Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Old Continent Bath, Wood-Mode
European Country Kitchen, Wood-Mode
English Country Kitchen, Wood-Mode
French Chateau Kitchen, Wood-Mode
British Classics Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Cabernet Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Cabernet Bath, Wood-Mode
Country Estate Kitchen, Wood-Mode
American Homestead Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Coastal Casual Kitchen, Wood-Mode
White Stone Manor Bath, Wood-Mode
Seaside Cottage Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Southampton Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Mountain Retreat Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Art Deco Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Asian Spice Bath, Wood-Mode
Etcetera Kitchen, Wood-Mode
City Lights Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Transitions Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Urban Matrix Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Classic Simplicity Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Synergy Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Malibu Kitchen, Wood-Mode
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