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Babin’s Cabinet Works, Inc., St. Amant, Louisiana (LA)

We provide installation services in Louisiana Address: 13030 Ash Lane
St. Amant, Louisiana (LA), 70774
Phone: 225-644-4441

Babin’s Cabinet Works, Inc. prides itself on constructing beautiful custom cabinets and entry doors. At our establishment, clients explain to us what they would like and we build it. You decide on all of the individual specifications such as size and shape. We will work with you to design and create the particular vision that you have in mind.

Imagine having that one-of-a-kind front door that stands out among all others or totally spectacular kitchen cabinets that make a bold statement of distinction. We can turn your home design dreams into tangible realities. Our staff is experienced, accommodating, and highly professional at all times. At Babin’s Cabinet Works, Inc. we realize how important the renovations to our patrons’ homes are and strive to do our best to not only meet, but exceed expectations.

Please contact our well-respected business and speak with a representative. The extreme quality that we provide is never sacrificed as a result of the affordable prices we charge. We hope to meet with you in the near future.

We provide installation services in Louisiana

We are serving (cities in Louisiana): Weber City, Brittany, Acy, Duckroost, Sorrento, Gonzales, Brignac

You can buy kitchens and baths in our store from the following manufacturers: Wood-Mode

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European Heritage Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Italian Villa Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Swedish Country Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Swedish Country Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Tuscan Kitchen, Wood-Mode
West Indies Bath, Wood-Mode
Old Continent Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Old Continent Bath, Wood-Mode
European Country Kitchen, Wood-Mode
English Country Kitchen, Wood-Mode
French Chateau Kitchen, Wood-Mode
British Classics Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Cabernet Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Cabernet Bath, Wood-Mode
Country Estate Kitchen, Wood-Mode
American Homestead Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Coastal Casual Kitchen, Wood-Mode
White Stone Manor Bath, Wood-Mode
Seaside Cottage Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Southampton Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Mountain Retreat Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Art Deco Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Asian Spice Bath, Wood-Mode
Etcetera Kitchen, Wood-Mode
City Lights Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Transitions Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Urban Matrix Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Classic Simplicity Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Synergy Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Malibu Kitchen, Wood-Mode
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