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Southern Kitchens, Ltd Co., Louisville, Kentucky (KY)

We provide installation services in Kentucky Address: 1601 S. Brook St.
Louisville, Kentucky (KY), 40208
Phone: 502-637-3273

The best aspect of marketing is that whatever be the final outcome, there is a certain section of the target sample audience that always benefits from the products and services that the marketing agency and the parent manufacturing or trading agency has to offer. This is the same case for a store like Southern Kitchens where we treat every customer like a rich Texan oil tycoon and offer you the most suitable wooden kitchen furniture articles that make you forget your financial position!

Southern Kitchens is one such store which sells premium, wooden, machine-cut kitchen cabinet articles that showcase their vinyl coated surfaces as well as a surface that gleams on account of the precision derived from the fine chopping and sawing of raw yet priceless wood. You can always choose from ebony, rosewood, teak, bamboo or sal.

This year, Southern Kitchens offers its esteemed customers and early season sale, so save up to purchase your Japanese porcelain tile set or a guide manual on world’s rarest kitchen style patterns! This business house has a showroom situated in Louisville but the entire state of Kentucky is crazy for our products. Companies like Wood-mode and American Woodmark are the varied units to seek association with our firm.

We provide installation services in Kentucky

We are serving (cities in Kentucky): Sellersburg, Hamburg, Utica, Goshen, Watson

You can buy kitchens and baths in our store from the following manufacturers: Atlantis, Crystal, Homecrest, Kountry Kraft, Kountry Wood Products, Medallion, Merillat, Shiloh

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Arena Kitchen, Crystal
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Shiloh Cabinets in Louisville


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Cherry & Maple
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Cherry. Shiloh. Bath

Classic. Shiloh. Bath

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