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Kitchen & Bath Gallery Inc., Wichita, Kansas (KS)

We provide installation services in Kansas Address: 2823 East Douglas
Wichita, Kansas (KS), 67211
Phone: 316-686-7938

Has it every struck to you that on the arrival of a few near and dear guests, people end up showing their living room, the kitchen, the bedrooms and the bathroom, in the aforementioned ascending order? But for the dirty linen hung inside, the bathroom furniture is considered next in comparison to a kitchen furniture variety and arrangement.

Kitchen style is very important. Middle-class salaried professionals as well as the affluent, wealthy classes have started spending on modular kitchens with state-of-the-art kitchen equipment and periodical kitchen remodelling jobs. Fashion consciousness is now seeing new territories! Kitchen & Bath Gallery keeps in sync with all fashion trends and delivers with reference to public demand. Set in Wichita, KS, this leading kitchen and home decor supplies store has never seen a customer return home empty-handed!

In the range of plush, vinyl-coated cabinets, Kitchen & Bath Gallery has associated itself with brands like American Woodmark, StyleCraft Cabinets and others. Log on to our company website and share your suggestions with us.

We provide installation services in Kansas

We are serving (cities in Kansas): Colvich, Bentley, Sedgwick, Andover, Benton

You can buy kitchens and baths in our store from the following manufacturers: Crestwood, Crystal

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Contemporary Kitchen, Crestwood
Special Kitchen, Crestwood
Belmont Kitchen, Crestwood
Modern Kitchen, Crestwood
Studio Kitchen, Crestwood
Contour Kitchen, Crestwood
Edgemore Kitchen, Crestwood
Comfort Kitchen, Crestwood
Arena Kitchen, Crestwood
Galaxy Kitchen, Crestwood
Glamour Kitchen, Crestwood
Wellington Kitchen, Crestwood
Breckenridge Kitchen, Crestwood
Perimeter Kitchen, Crestwood
Fairfiel Kitchen, Crestwood
Jamestown Kitchen, Crestwood
Surprise Kitchen, Crestwood
Presidential Kitchen, Crestwood
Heartland Kitchen, Crestwood
Olympus Kitchen, Crestwood
Glendale Kitchen, Crestwood
Somerset Kitchen, Crestwood
Luxury Kitchen, Crestwood
Perfection Kitchen, Crestwood
Presidential Bath, Crestwood
Belmont Bath, Crestwood
Valencia Bath, Crestwood
Extravagant Bath, Crestwood
Roxbury Bath, Crestwood
Metro Bath, Crestwood
Wakefiel Bath, Crestwood
Highland Bath, Crestwood
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Crestwood, Crystal
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