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Kitchens and Interiors, Inc., Terre Haute, Indiana (IN)

We provide installation services in Indiana Address: 4410 South 7th Street
Terre Haute, Indiana (IN), 47802
Phone: 812-299-8949

Every family contributes a certain amount towards repairs and maintenance of their house; from this corpus fund, a great amount is spent, at times, on kitchen remodelling which results in a painful experience for the contractee family, at times. Everybody desires a modular kitchen with glass casing and transparent windows – an open kitchen is a revolutionizing trend observed in affluent American as well as Canadian households.

Kitchen & Interiors Inc helps out those families who wish to own a beautiful modular kitchen but afford only as much to pay a little more than their current kitchen’s maintenance job. We help you prepare a tentative budget by familiarising you with various trends kitchen style and kitchen design, as well as bathroom design. Since we are a specialized business house, our tie-ups with architects and interior designers work wonders for our customers.

Our showroom is set up in Terre Haute, IN which is accessible to all Americans who wish to gain more knowledge on bathroom furniture, tiles, kitchen appliances and kitchen equipment at reasonable prices.

We provide installation services in Indiana

We are serving (cities in Indiana): Harrison, Spelterville, Seelyville, Dewey, Liggett

You can buy kitchens and baths in our store from the following manufacturers: Kitchen Craft, Mouser, Plato Woodwork

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Napoli Kitchen, Kitchen Craft
Terni Kitchen, Kitchen Craft
Pamli Kitchen, Kitchen Craft
Sarpi Bath, Kitchen Craft
Calvi Bath, Kitchen Craft
Pamli Bath, Kitchen Craft
Chelsea in Ginge Kitchen, Kitchen Craft
Elite in Antique Paint Kitchen, Kitchen Craft
Berkeley in Ginger and Charcoa Kitchen, Kitchen Craft
Regency in Millstone Kitchen, Kitchen Craft
Regency in Sandstone Kitchen, Kitchen Craft
Wellington in Millstone Kitchen, Kitchen Craft
Integra Kitchen, Kitchen Craft
Elite Kitchen, Kitchen Craft
Newhaven Kitchen, Kitchen Craft
Berkeley Kitchen, Kitchen Craft
Plymouth in Ginger Kitchen, Kitchen Craft
Manchester Solid Kitchen, Kitchen Craft
Bristol Kitchen, Kitchen Craft
Chelsea Kitchen, Kitchen Craft
Cambridge Cathedral Kitchen, Kitchen Craft
Somerset Kitchen, Kitchen Craft
Marquis Solid Cathedral Kitchen, Kitchen Craft
Salem Solid Kitchen, Kitchen Craft
Regency in Russet Kitchen, Kitchen Craft
Custom Solid Color Accents Kitchen, Mouser
Dynamic Contemporary Design Kitchen, Mouser
Traditional Excellence Kitchen, Mouser
Country Kitchen Kitchen, Mouser
Great Room Kitchen, Mouser
Functional Island Kitchen, Mouser
Contemporary Kitchen Kitchen, Mouser
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Kitchen Craft, Mouser, Plato Woodwork
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