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Holcomb Kitchens, Wilmington, Delaware (DE)

We provide installation services in Delaware Address: 4723 Concord Pike
Wilmington, Delaware (DE), 19803
Phone: 302-478-5000

Kitchen designing is a very diligent and a methodical task to perform; it is a bigger pain when you need your kitchen to undergo some remodelling. In today’s world of services expressing a certain degree of finesse, such specialized jobs are handed over to the skilled and qualified professionals of the trade, like, architects, designers, task planners, plumbers, carpenters, electricians and contractors. An easier way to tackle this is to establish contact with an intermediary who usually works in tandem with an entire bunch of such skilled workers.

Holcomb Kitchens, on the other hand, provides its customers such esteemed services with a touch of class and variety. Holcomb Kitchens fancies its know-it-all status by showcasing its wide range of countertop patterns and laminates that hail from different countries that span different continents.

Apart from countertops, our kitchen cabinets made of solid wooden blocks with machine-cut finish job speak volumes of our proficiency in this trade. As a customer, your various queries related to home and kitchen decor could be duly sorted out on our website.

We provide installation services in Delaware

We are serving (cities in Delaware): Claymont, Ardencroft, Carrcroft, Elsmere, Newport

You can buy kitchens and baths in our store from the following manufacturers: Wood-Mode

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European Heritage Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Italian Villa Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Swedish Country Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Swedish Country Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Tuscan Kitchen, Wood-Mode
West Indies Bath, Wood-Mode
Old Continent Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Old Continent Bath, Wood-Mode
European Country Kitchen, Wood-Mode
English Country Kitchen, Wood-Mode
French Chateau Kitchen, Wood-Mode
British Classics Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Cabernet Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Cabernet Bath, Wood-Mode
Country Estate Kitchen, Wood-Mode
American Homestead Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Coastal Casual Kitchen, Wood-Mode
White Stone Manor Bath, Wood-Mode
Seaside Cottage Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Southampton Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Mountain Retreat Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Art Deco Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Asian Spice Bath, Wood-Mode
Etcetera Kitchen, Wood-Mode
City Lights Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Transitions Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Urban Matrix Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Classic Simplicity Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Synergy Kitchen, Wood-Mode
Malibu Kitchen, Wood-Mode
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