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Albany Cabinets & Design, Albany, California (CA)

We provide installation services in California Address: 920 San Pablo Avenue
Albany, California (CA), 94706
Phone: 510-526-2288

Albany Cabinets is totally committed to our client’s needs. We have a no nonsense approach to remodeling living spaces within your home. But, our eye is ever on the end product which must always meet our high standards and please you.

In the design phases you will get to choose from a pantheon of top names in cabinetry, counter tops, and other accessories. Our design team will help you put all these bits and pieces together and come up with a winning design that will please you and impress your friends for many years to come.

All of the above may sound familiar to you if you have read other companies’ blurbs. What you won’t find in other companies’ literature is a common sense approach to the whole business of remodeling. What other company will advise you to warn your neighbours about the impending disruption to the peace and quiet of your neighbourhood? Albany Cabinets will guide you through the entire process with a down to earth and practical approach.

We provide installation services in California

We are serving (cities in California): Berkeley, Kensington, Richmond, San Pablo, Rollingwood, El Cerrito, Emeryville

You can buy kitchens and baths in our store from the following manufacturers: Craft-Maid, Omega Cabinetry

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Roma Kitchen, Craft-Maid
Munich Kitchen, Craft-Maid
Special Kitchen, Craft-Maid
Veneer Kitchen, Craft-Maid
Collector Kitchen, Craft-Maid
Qtr & Fig Kitchen, Craft-Maid
Florentine Kitchen, Craft-Maid
Victorian Kitchen, Craft-Maid
Manheim Kitchen, Craft-Maid
Georgetown Kitchen, Craft-Maid
Extravagant Kitchen, Craft-Maid
Manheim Cherry Kitchen, Craft-Maid
Geo Kitchen, Craft-Maid
European Geo Kitchen, Craft-Maid
Carnegie Kitchen, Craft-Maid
Georgetown Kitchen, Craft-Maid
Colonial Kitchen, Craft-Maid
Tennis Kitchen, Craft-Maid
Florentine Traditional Kitchen, Craft-Maid
Palermo Kitchen, Craft-Maid
Manor House Kitchen, Craft-Maid
Victorian City Kitchen, Craft-Maid
Classic Kitchen, Craft-Maid
Georgetown Traditional Kitchen, Craft-Maid
Georgetown Bath, Craft-Maid
Palermo Bath, Craft-Maid
Arctic Bath, Craft-Maid
Victorian Bath, Craft-Maid
Tackroom Bath, Craft-Maid
Monterey Kitchen, Omega Cabinetry
Penisson Kitchen, Omega Cabinetry
Artesia Kitchen, Omega Cabinetry
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Craft-Maid, Omega Cabinetry
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